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Well it has been a long time since the Preachers last podcast, but this is well worth the wait and this has got to be one of the greatest moments I have ever had to be able to sit down with Sonny Burgess and Bobby Crafford at a little hotel in Rye near Camber Sands on the south coast of England October 2010 while they were playing at the world famous Rhythm Riot R&B Roots music event http://www.rhythmriot.com/ . A Big thanks goes out to Robin, Collette and Jerry Chatterbox for helping make the interview happen. In the early 1950s, Sonny played boogie woogie music in dance halls and bars around Newport. Sonny, Kern Kennedy, Johnny Ray Hubbard, and Gerald Jackson formed a boogie-woogie band they called the Rocky Road Ramblers. In 1954, following conscription to the US Army (1951–53) where he joined a band made up of mainly army cooks, Burgess re-formed the band, calling them the Moonlighters after the Silver Moon Club in Newport, where they performed regularly. After advice from record producer Sam Phillips, the group expanded to form the Pacers in 1955 at Newport, Arkansas. The band's first record was "We Wanna Boogie" in 1956 for Sun Records, in Memphis. They had five singles on SUN Records: "Red Headed Woman" b/ "We Wanna Boogie", "Thunderbird", "Ain't Got a Thing", "Buckets Got a Hole In It", and "Sadies Back In Town". "Red Headed Woman and We Wanna Boogie" has been voted the wildest record ever recorded. The songs have been described as "among the most raucous, energy-filled recordings released during the first flowering of rock and roll." Their onstage antics in performance were similarly described. Like other artists such as Ray Harris, Hayden Thompson, Billy Lee Riley and Warren Smith, chart success largely eluded him. They also had a hit in 1965 on Razorback Records with "The Short Squashed Texan". Sonny and the Pacers played clubs, festivals, shows, and colleges all over the US and Canada. They were one of the pioneers of rock and roll and travelled with Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, Elvis Presley, Danny and the Juniors, Conway Twitty, Patsy Cline, Ronnie Hawkins, Billy Lee Riley, Ace Cannon, Charlie Rich, Teddy Riedell, Narvel Felts, and many more. Sonny Burgess disbanded the group in 1971 but later found a new audience in Europe. In about 1990, Burgess toured with The Sun Rhythm Section. This group was comprised of former session musicians from the Sun Recording Studio. Beside Burgess, bandmembers included Paul Burlison (electric guitar), J.L. "Smoochy" Smith (piano), Stan Kessler (bass), Marcus Van Story (acoustic guitar & lead vocals), and D.J. Fontana on drums. D.J. Fontana who was a member of Elvis Presley's band for 17 years. In April of 1999 the Pacers played for a world wide Rockabilly show at Viva Las Vegas and stole the show. In May of 1999, Sonny Burgess was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame of Europe. His group, now called The Legendary Pacers, was a hit that same year in a rockabilly concert in Las Vegas, Nevada. http://www.legendarypacers.com/ They recorded Still Rockin’ and Rollin’ in 2000, voted the best new album in the country and roots field in Europe. The Rock and Soul Museum in Memphis also opened in May of 2000 and features a section on the Pacers. In October of 2000 they were asked to play for a special show at the Peabody Hotel in Memphis honouring Sam Philips and his legacy at Sun Records. The group was inducted in 2002 into the Rockabilly Hall of Fame in Jackson. 2005 was the Pacers 50th year in the music business. Sonny Burgess & The Legendary Pacers performed at the 2006 National Folk Festival in Richmond, Virginia to large, enthusiastic audiences. Sonny Burgess hosts a weekly radio program called We Wanna Boogie with co-host June Taylor. The program, named after his first record, airs Sunday nights from 5-7pm Central Time on 91.9FM KASU in Jonesboro, Arkansas. http://www.wewannaboogie.org “Living Legends in their own time” The Preacher 2012 http://www.rockabillypreacher.co.uk
At Last I have done it - after a year and half of hassling them for a podcast Smokestack Lightnin’ About Smokestack Lightnin' Smokestack Lightnin’ – Heads Of Agreement (Hazelwood / Indigo) Don..t you go to sleep, dear?!…..intone Batke/Graef and board the musical loveletter. With three chord romance and druggy avant-garde, with B52 surf skills and testube folk, it propagates the obscure in Human being. Thereby the rhetorical question is meant quite aimed at the hallucinogenic effect of the weary gaffer. With an overdose of all this, anything from Peter and the Wolf to California daydreams, from submarine bubbling to fuck-you-mentality is packed into Country. As if it had always belonged there. And underneath it all, the Ringo-mania of rhythm beater M. Kargel moves the masses while D. Hess..s twang guitar cuts the raw piece of music into bite-sized slices. Someone here is obviously having a hell of a lot of fun playing with cliches. Is this still called, “Country”? Why don..t you go to sleep, dear?! Wonderful! http://www.myspace.com/smokestacklightninmusic
Well I thought I would put up an hour of Dj set, thanks to all the people who attended and danced their asses off. Keep on Rockin. The Preacher.
Well this has to be one of the longest shows I have ever done. Two hours and Sooooo much info.... If you can not here it or the show cuts out - then download it from the main page and stick it on your ipod. WARNING - LADYLUCK WILL SERIOUSLY IMPROVE YOUR TASTE IN MUSIC ! NOW AN ALL NIGHT CLUB ! THE LADY LUCK CLUB IS HOSTED BY EL NINO (MR VOO DOO CRUNCH) WITH LONDON'S COOLEST, VINTAGE, FETISH ,RETRO AND UNDER GROUND VINTAGE BEAT'S. WITH LIVE SHOWS FROM BURLESQUE TO RETRO BANDS. WITH DJ'S EL NINO AND LADY KAMIKAZE AND THE COOLEST DJ'S IN LONDON. http://www.myspace.com/theladyluckclub
Rhythm Bomb Records is dedicated to recording and promoting the best in rockabilly and roots music. We take music seriously, but we don't take ourselves all that seriously. We do work long hours, but we're also firm believers in having fun at festivals and wild party's. http://www.rhythmbomb.com/ Americana Authentic New Rockabilly Country Rock n Roll Jive / New RnB Modern Hillbilly Modern Rockabilly Rhythm Bomb Records is a small, somewhat mysterious company based in London, UK. We're an independent record label, a music production/promotion company, and we have an own publishing company, Rhythm Bomb Publishing. Besides working with our own artists and releasing their CDs on our label, we offer a wide range of musical services to outside artists, bands, and other independent labels. *Its a well kept secret that we are one of Europe's largest distribution company for Rockabilly music, moving some thousand CDs every month.* In 2003 we founded Rhythm Bomb Records in Hamburg, Germany, and the rest - as they say - is history. Since then, our CD releases have received considerable radio airplay in many countries; been distributed and sold on six continents; been licensed in Europe and Japan; and picked up glowing reviews in respected music publications all over the world. Our artists have been booked on all good festivals in Europe, the US and Australia. We have a strong partnership with all good festivals like Rockabilly Rave, Midsummer Jamboree, SJOCK, Screamin, High Rockabilly, Rockin 50s Fest Green Bay and many more. Unlike the major labels, Rhythm Bomb Records doesn't have huge recording and advertising budgets; in fact, we hardly have an advertising budget at all! We invest in our artists and employees - that's the best investment we can do. Here at Rhythm Bomb Records we're actually more interested in putting out excellent original music than in slick images, trendiness and overblown hype. We don't think that music should sound like it just rolled off an assembly-line, with every edge smoothed down and all the guts removed. The secret of our success is the Rhythm Bomb sound. We produce most of our releases on our own in the Lightning Recording Studio in Berlin. Most other labels simply buy the ready produced recordings from bands or studios. If Rockabilly, Hillbilly or any kind of 1950s music is your cup of tea - you came to the right place. Bands 45 rpm 45 R.P.M. - Welcome to Hot Rock Lounge Blisters N Gray Bones Maki Bram Riddlebarger & The Wailin Elroys - On The Bum Cash O' Riley & The Downright Daddies Charlie Gracie Charlie Gracie - Gracie Swings Again Cherry Casino And The Gamblers Cherry Casino And The Gamblers - Fat Mamas Daughter Chrome Daddies - Who's Your Daddies Chrome Daddies - Chrome Daddies Chrome Daddies - Drunk And Mis-Behavin' Chrome Daddies - Gear Up Daddy Chrome Daddies - Cow Skull Dough Wilshire & The Capers Dig Wayne Eddy And The Backfires - Seven Nights To Rock Eddy And The Backfires - Cat Killer Flatfoot Shakers Fireball Steven Gin Palace Jesters Glenn Honeycutt George and the Hustlers - Thoughts Of Regrets Hank Ray Hopped Up! Hotrodders Paradise Huelyn Duvall Ike And The Capers Johnny Law and The Pistol Packin Daddies - I'll Get It Right Johnny Law and The Pistol Packin Daddies - Crazy Love Kieron McDonald K.T. & Midnight Cannonball Little Neal And The Blue Flames Lloyd Trip And The Zipguns Max Panconi - Race With The Devil Mississippi Queen Mystery Gang - Jungle Fever Pete Hutton - Back With Vengeance Pete Hutton - Such A Mystery Pep Torres - It Ain't Rocket Science Pep Torres - Luck Is On My Side Perfect For Parties Phil Trigwell Ramblin Man Randy Rich And The Poor Boys - The Way You Came Randy Rich And The Poor Boys - Bye Bye Mr. Blues Rayburn Anthony Rayburn Anthony - Big Bad City Round Up Boys - Lift Off Round Up Boys - Good Lookin' Daddy Round Up Boys - Another Night, Another Town Roy Kay Trio Spoo-Dee-O-Dee Star Mountain Dreamers - Greetings From El Paso Star Mountain Dreamers - Rhythm, Feelin, & Phrasin The Ballroom Rockets The Mad Men - It's A Mad Mad World The Mad Men - Rhythm And Sin The Satellites Tommy Nolen VA Hotrodders Choice Wailin' Ellroys -Cheap Motel Wailin' Ellroys -Route 33 Willie Lewis - A Legend Of His Time Willie Lewis - Coloured Records Jason Lee Wilson http://www.rhythmbomb.com/
Well here is the final episode of the Rockabilly Rave 2008. Thanks to all involved in the show - it has been a great one. I think this one could be the Brillo show - show watch out. This one has the "Talent contest" so you going to have to listen to this one. A great end to a great weekend!
Well carrying on to part two Rockabilly Rave 2008 two hour special. Here is Part 2 - More wild action from the stars and faces at the Rockabilly Rave 2008 - sorry if I sound pissed at any point in the show.
Well the idea of the show was to do a 2 hour special at the Rockabilly Rave 2008, for some reason I think it is going to be longer. All the better for you guys! Well after many hours of editing and not having a Madonna mic like Bill Smoker has for his shows - I need one of these.... Part 1 is here - Duke! Any way a great time was had by all at the Rockabilly Rave 2008 and I hope you will like part 1 of this special. Try and download the show as some people have had problems after streaming for 20 mins... For those of you who did not go to the Rave, feel free to check out the show.... Yes I know I am a bit late - but summer took most of my time up!!!!!!!
This Podcast is going to be crazy. The Humdingers are a Rockabilly-country-hillbilly based four mad-man band from the deep south of swampy suffolk Putting their slant on old rock and roll and country classics, as well as some tunes you may have never heard before, because we haven't! Not liking to take anything to seriously, and hope that comes across in our gigs.We're here for a good time. "Hopped up" our second cd, is available on Pink & Black records another is planned for the summer of 2008. So if you see them billed somewhere soon come along and give them a shout! To find out where we are playing check the tour dates below. And feel free to get in touch See Yall soon. http://www.myspace.com/thehumdingersuk
Mark Harman, Left handed lead guitarist/vocalist. One of England's premier rockin guitarists, he co-founded and fronted Neo Rockabilly Kings RESTLESS for 27 years, taking them from Smalltownsville to fan-filled venues all over the world. From London to all of Europe and Scandanavia, from Moscow to Tokyo to Sydney and all stops in-between, to all the way to Hollywood and right up to their very last show in April 2007 with a legendary final performance in Las Vegas at the VLV Fest. Restless remained at the top of the rockin' tree for almost three decades and although there were many personnel changes throughout the years, Harman was there at the very beginning, and he was there at the very end. Jeff Bayly, double bass player. Much in demand session man, one time pool hustle champ, freehand artist and Restless' bass player from '84-88. Cut his teeth in a number of rockin' bands in the early eighties, finally found his feet by securing his place in Restless during what is now known as the 'After Midnight' years with arguably it's most successful line-up securing many TV, radio and music mag appearances and regular positions on the independent charts. Has been treading the boards for selected rockin' bands ever since. Mark Simpson, drummer (and pianist and cellist and arranger and Teacher....list goes on..) The true Musician, has a Diploma in Jazz and Popular Music from Goldsmiths University East London and he loves rockin' music. This Big Band player took Restless to new heights in their final show at VLV 2007 and as a consequence, heavily influenced the forming of LOOSENOOSE. http://www.myspace.com/loosenooseabilly

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